Friday, April 16, 2010

Food, Wine and A Fistfull Of Dounts, The Sonoma International Film Festival Begins!

 We got off to a roaring start last night with a gala gathering at Saddles at MacArthur Place.

Filmmakers and Film Fans and Festival Officials had a meet and greet in the Verandah Room.  Much cheese abounded. I would have taken pictures but the tower of cheese beckoned and know how it is.
  After the opening night film the rock doc Coals to Newcastle The New Mastersounds From Leeds To New Orleans and an after-party at  Sonoma's historic Little Switzerland in The Springs, we were up bright and early this morning to hit the Basque (I am 4squares Mayor of the Basque btw) as usual and catch up with our friends.
 We then decided to check out the Backlot Big White Tent in the Plaza behind City Hall. This is a tent crammed to bursting with Food and Wine from some of the best chefs and vineyards in the Valley.
 We checked it out as they were setting up this morning and made the acquaintance of The Cohen family Harvey, Georgia and Maryn from right up the road in Glen Ellen. They are the people behind Harveys' Gourmet Donuts.
                      Here is just a sample of what Henry is offering. I have just joined Harveys' Facebook Fan club based on this.
  Of course as Jurors we get free run of this tent.
Oh Yeah Baby!! Oh Yeah! There will be much exercising after this weekend is over. Promise. I am also going back to this almost immediately, as  there were many booths being set up, and as a juror I am entitled to something called carte blanche which boils down to free donuts. Mmmmm donuts!

The Sonoma Index-Tribunes'  Food and Wine editor Kathleen Hill is responsible for gathering the Backlot Big White Tent Participants this year. Based on what I've seen so far, she's done an awesome job as usual.
 I'm off now to more films and food. I'll be posting again later. Film Fest judging is a hard hard job, but somebody's got to do it.


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