Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon, A Warm Dessert For a Cold Spring Night!

We've been buffeted by rain and some hail and cold winds up here in Sonoma the last several days. "They" are predicting more to come.
  The birdbath and the decks are full of leaves and foot-flattened acacia pollen
  The lemon tree is budding, slightly.
 Freesias are popping out of the grass.
  Everything is green and growing, and we may have lilies for Easter.

Just in the time it took me to nip outside and take these pictures, it's already started clouding up again. No wonder I've been in the mood for a warming dessert. I've been looking through all my favorite recipes for something just right for this last blast of Winter in early Spring and I think I've found just the thing! So keep a heads up for a quick and easy, "It's Cold Outside and Yet It's Spring?" comfort dessert.


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