Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My Birthday Was Great!

Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes, it was a wonderful weekend. The day before my birthday, Alan took me birthday present shopping, of course I stopped off at Bram, one can never have too many clay pots!

On the actual day Friday Alan and I went to one of my favorite places here in Sonoma, The Girl and The Fig.
   I wanted to show you the amazing fish I had but alas, Alan was not quick enough.
  He did stop me however before I could get my choppers into my birthday dessert.
        This was an amazing Meyer lemon cheesecake. When I was done with it, the only thing left on the plate was the candle.
   The next evening was the party at our house at which many Indian treats were served along with more cake. Coming up, lots of  recipes and a way to make Samosas, without all the deep fat frying.


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