Saturday, February 20, 2010


 I love my clay pots, I cannot get enough of them. Paula Wolfert  gave me this habit. She started me off by giving me some clay pots, I went out and bought more and now I'm hooked. The other thing I like almost as much as clay is a SALE!!! I am like that dog in the beggin strips' commercial. All I hear is one word..SALE and I'm there.
 Today is the annual seconds sale at Bramcookware. It started at 10 a.m. and I was right there for the kick off.
While I was busy elbowing the crowd to find a treasure, Alan took some snaps  of all the claypot action. For those of you who are clay enthusiasts..these were real and I mean real bargains with a capital B and it's still going on. So, if you live in the Sonoma area I'm just sayin....I got mine !
  I managed to grab a gorgeous La Chamba Pottery roaster at a fraction of the normal price.
Which I placed in one of my clay pot holes  in the kitchen, beside two old Weller twin vases.
 I also found a great serving piece!

  Today I'm back to my Indian Masters Cooking from Prashad. I've got fish, and coconut milk and curry leaves and tamarind and I'm going to town. This recipe is courtesy of Syed Naseer, the chef who claimed to have learned by numerous thrashings so it ought to be good! Stay tuned! More to Come.


  1. oh so nice oh this is a great reason to get a clay pot

  2. Another pot to your collection. You sure a nice pot collection now :)

  3. My only clay pot is similar but obviously not La Chamba. Mine is beige and not curved. Now I'm on a mission to acquire more traditional clay pots.

  4. Do you know when there is the next sale?

  5. @anonymous...
    no, but I'm hoping it's soon.

  6. Loved this post; the Chamba pots look very similar to those in North-east India, esp. Nagaland.



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