Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Break In The Weather, Sun In The Sky

 We've had a break from the rain today. Errands were done, time once again to discover that the clay pot sale at Bram was still going on. I was able to snag a ginormous La Chamba oval roaster for I dare not tell you how much, the price was that good!
 I had to compare it to the equally dashing La Chamba pot I picked up a couple of days before. They looked like mother and baby.

I also scored a platter
Thrilled with my clay triumphs, I was enjoying the out-of-doors, wandering around the property taking pictures of Almost Spring.
    ( Out the kitchen door)
       ( looking into the neighbors' vineyard)

                                                      ( the plum tree in bloom)
         ( the big rock that always reminds me of petrified elephant poop)
   If I  hadn't been suffering from premature Spring fever this afternoon I would have posted my next piece where I tell you how to Put The Lamb In The Coconut And Stir it All Up. But I was, so I didn't. Stay tuned.


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