Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Wolf Has Meddled With The Primal Forces Of The Dessert Universe!

 First it was my foot. On Tuesday I tripped over a hard blue gel toy that Patsy (the Wolf) had left at the foot of the stairs that go from our dining room down into the living room.

My left foot is now swollen (though going down) and bruised and I am limping.  I told Alan that obviously the Wolf was trying to kill me for some arcane lupine reason. He laughed at me. "She loves you" he said,"give her some of your ice cream".

  This afternoon I was preparing to post my dessert experiment when the phone rang. Alan and gone with Patsy to the Ernie Smith dog park.

We're expecting big storms here in Sonoma through the next week and the dog park is going to be closed. He was trying to get a last minute romp in and of course with my foot I've been trying to stay out of upright positions so I remained at home.
  When I picked up the phone Alan was screaming on the other end of it, the Wolf had escaped and was out of the park, unfenced, and on the loose. He was yelling into the phone as he was chasing her. Telling me to get the car and help catch her. One little problem. We have one car, and he had it.

  Siberian Huskies are known runners. Leave a gate, window or door open and they're gone baby gone in less than 60 seconds.
  What had happened at the park, was two small kids on their first visit had left both gates open. The main gate and the super duper secret airtight, BattleStar Galactica safety That's all Patsy needed. She was gone Alan chasing after here and calling to her to return.
 This is an animal by the way, that  will not even come from the dining room into the kitchen when I ask her to unless there is food in my hands. The chances of getting her to return just by calling and yelling seemed slim to none.
I was on the other end of the phone listening to all of this madness. Patsy had darted across Arnold Drive a busy rural road. She had cut straight through the parking lot of LA DEE DAs' Diner and Barbecue Shack. She didn't stop for ribs but kept going down the quiet little streets and houses tucked away in the trees.
  Finally what happened to her is what happens to all of us at one time or another. We succumb to our little "weaknesses". Hers just happens to be cats.
 A large cat was sitting on a porch rail. Alan reported that Patsy immediately froze and went into stalker mode. Alan was able to prevail on the cats' owner a very nice lady to reach out and grab Patsys' collar. She was caught! At Last.
   If it hadn't been for her unfortunate and sometimes embarassing little "cat habit" I shudder to think what might have happened. She's at home now resting, we're both recovering from a week of husky inflicted trauma and I don't think Alan will doubt me any more when I say that she's out to get us. Just look at those eyes.
  The regularly scheduled dessert will be posted shorty..unless she decides to eat it.


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