Monday, August 31, 2009

Ice Cream, The Orange Blossom Special!

Who doesn't love the smell of orange blossoms, the one flower that's almost a metaphor for romance. I wore orange blossoms in my hair when I got married. As for ice cream, do we really need to go there? I love vanilla, well, hell I love all ice cream but I really love vanilla with some sort of twist.
I find ice cream is a great way to end an Indian dinner when one is looking for something light and fresh after a hot and spicy meal.
A couple of years ago I bought a Cuisinart ice cream machine. It was love at first bite and I haven't stopped churning since. I've been through all sorts of experimental flavors..ask me about pecorino pear..or rather don't. One of the standbys in my ice cream arsenal after an Indian dinner or just movie night at our home theatre is orange blossom with pistachio nut.
This recipe requires an ice cream machine..unless you know how to make ice cream without one, and I know there are those of you who do. It's an extremely simple recipe.
1.) In a mixing bowl blend 2 cups of milk and 3/4 cup of sugar.
2.) when that is mixed add 2 cups of cream. Mix thoroughly till all the sugar is dissolved.
3.) Add in 3 Tbs. of orange blossom water. I buy this in my local Sonoma Market, .it's pretty easy to find. One note about this product the best flavor comes from Mideastern style Orange blossom water..not the French type.
4.) roughly chop up a handful..about 1/2 cup, of raw unsalted pistachio nuts. Set them aside.
5.) pour the contents of the bowl into an ice cream machine, follow directions and churn about 20 minutes.
6.) add in the chopped pistachio nuts and blend an additional 10 minutes.
transfer to a container and freeze for an hour or two before serving.
This dessert has been a favorite every time I serve it. For a variation substitute Rosewater for Orange blossom water.

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